Fuel Tips

pure gas
Pure gas is the best gas!

Please don’t use E10 or E15 fuel (the kind blended with ethanol) in your scooter. This is especially important if you ride a carbureted scooter or motorcycle.

Our friends over at justgottascoot.com offer some excellent reasons why you will want to avoid these blended fuels:

Solvent – Ethanol will dissolve plastic, rubber, fiberglass and even aluminum. Ethanol can dissolve and disintegrate just about anything that has accumulated in a motor. For example, ethanol will dissolve resins that create a black sludge that coats and travels through an engine causing engine stalling and complications including clogged fuel filters and carburetor jets.

Water – Ethanol will absorb water. It combines with water and the combined molecules are greater than the sum of each separate molecule. Petroleum and most other oil-based compounds are not soluble in water.

Temperature – Ethanol ignites at a higher temperature than the gasoline it is blended with and can cause damage to engine pistons.

Shelf Life – Ethanol has a short shelf life, only about 2 – 3 months under ideal conditions. It begins to separate from the gasoline it was blended with very quickly.

The good news is that in most places you can buy pure, ethanol-free gas.

Click here to visit pure-gas.org which lists thousands of places throughout America and Canada to buy the pure, ethanol-free gas your scooter deserves.