Which Scooter is Right for Me?

The question we hear more than any other is “which scooter is right for me?”

scooterIt’s a good question as there are dozens of scooter models available new and hundreds of options including the many used and discontinued scooters available. The choice can be fun, but it can also be stressful.

Fuel injected or carbureted? Liquid cooled or air cooled? Large tires or small tires? How many CC’s do I need? How fast will it go?

Admittedly, there are a LOT of questions faced by the first-time scooter buyer, but we can help make your task of selecting a scooter easier and more fun.

First ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want to ride faster than 30-35 mph? If your answer is YES, you need at least a 125cc class scooter or a 150cc class scooters. If your answer is NO, a 50cc class scooter is probably sufficient.
  • Do you want to regularly ride on the freeway (interstate) or other highways with a speed limit faster than 55mph? If your answer is YES, you’ll prefer a 250cc class scooter or a maxi-scooter. If your answer is NO, a smaller engine will suffice.
  • What’s more important to you, high-end features or a low cost? If you want high-end features, look for fuel injection, liquid-cooling, front and rear disk brakes, larger wheels, and a large windscreen. If you’re looking for something low cost, don’t worry about those things. In most cases, you really won’t miss them.
  • Do you want to ride alone or with a passenger? If you want to ride with a passenger, look for the larger engines found in 150cc class scooters and above (more weight requires a larger engine to attain the same speed), a large comfortable seat, and rear passenger foot pegs.

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Don’t forget to check out our Links page for a list of reputable scooter manufacturers. Anything you buy from one of these companies is very likely to be of the highest quality and to last for many years.