Top Scooters – 150cc class

Updated for 2021

150cc class scooters are quite possibly the most common type of scooter on the market today. Only 50cc class scooters offer a similar range of models and styles. Here we will be looking at the myriad options in the range of 149cc to 169cc scooters.

2021 Honda PCX

Honda currently dominates this class with two impressive offerings, the all new ADV150 ($4,299) and the redesigned 2021 PCX ($3,799). The ADV 150 utilizes a 149cc liquid-cooled engine while the PCX steps up to a 156.9cc liquid-cooled engine.  Both hold 2.1 gallons of fuel and weigh in at less than 300 lbs. Each impressive in its own right, the PCX is built for the street where the ADV150 is equally at home on asphalt or dirt. Both scooters represent top quality in the class.

In direct competition with Honda’s PCX we find the Yamaha Smax with a similarly sized 14.8 HP, 155cc liquid-cooled engine and an identical MSRP of $3,799. Like the Honda, the Smax pulls above its weight, offering quality and performance at the very top of the segment.

Grand Tourer 150

Genuine offers the classically styled 168.9cc 4-stroke fuel injected, air-cooled Buddy 170i ($3,299), 168.9cc Urbano 200i, and the 15.0 HP, 168.9cc 4-stroke, air-cooled Hooligan ($3,399). A more recent addition to the Buddy line is the 149.6cc 4-stroke, air-cooled Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150 ($3,499) which is described as “the point where Nostalgia is made Real.” (Please note the MSRP numbers provided are for previous model years and may have increased. Updated numbers are no longer provided on the Genuine website.)

Sym offers the 11.8 HP, 169cc 4-stroke fuel injected Fiddle III 200i ($2,899). Sadly, Sym’s 15.3 HP, 171cc 4-stroke, liquid-cooled HD 200 Evo ($3,499) and RV 200 Evo ($3,699) have been discontinued. If you find one of these scooters available somewhere, take advantage of the opportunity.

Vespa 946 Red

Vespa has a host of 150cc class scooters available including six variations in their 12.9 HP Primavera 150 line: Primavera 150 ($5,349), Primavera 150 S ($5,649), Primavera 150 Sean Wotherspoon ($5,749), Primavera 150 Touring ($5,549), Primavera 150 75th ($5,849), and Primavera 150 RED ($5,449).

With similar technical specifications but different styling, Vespa’s Sprint 150 line offers several options as well, including Sprint 150 ($5,649), Sprint 150 S ($5,749) and the Sprint 150 Racing Sixties ($5,749). There is also a special edition Vespa 946 Red available.

Kymco is active in the 150cc class with three of its “Like” models including the Like 150i ABS ($2,999), Like 150i ABS Noodoe ($3,299) and the Like 200i Limited Edition ($2,549). Despite its name, the 200i has a 163cc engine compared to the 149.8cc engines used by its stablemates. Kymco also offers the Super 8 150X ($2,399) and the People S150 ($3,559).

Piaggio no longer offers any 150cc class scooters in the U.S.

Lance Cabo 200i

Lance provides four body styles of its 11.8 HP, 169cc 4-stroke, air-cooled, fuel injected scooter. There is the Cali Classic 200i ($2,699); the Havana Classic 200i ($2,699); the PCH 200i ($2,599); and the Cabo 200i ($2,699). These affordable options go 65+ MPH and get an estimated 89 MPG. (Please note the MSRP numbers provided are for previous model years and may have increased. Updated numbers are no longer provided on the Lance website.)

You have a lot of options when it comes to 150cc class scooters, but any of those listed above would be a fine choice that will last you for many years of fun on two wheels.


Note: All prices given are MSRP and do not include tax, license, registration, destination charges, or dealer-installed options.