MotoGP racer takes off on a photographer’s scooter after crashing

MotoGP World Championship racer Marc Marquez crashed during a qualifying round on Saturday. He also “borrowed” a scooter.

After crashing, Marquez needed to get back to the pit for his second bike as quickly as possible. The crashed bike was done for, and he was too far to get back to the pit on foot. Fortunately for Marquez, he saw a scooter with the keys still in it and took off riding.

The scooter belonged to a photographer, who didn’t argue with Marquez for taking it. Marquez admitted that he was going to take the scooter regardless, though.

Via Lanesplitter:

“I made a mistake in qualifying and crashed on the second lap. The marshals were a bit far away, and I saw a scooter with a key in it and nobody around. When I took it, I saw that it belonged to a photographer, but he let me go. I wanted to get back to the pit as soon as possible, so honestly I would’ve taken it even if he said no!”

Marquez would actually qualify in fourth, so the scooter paid off.


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